Yesterday I had been sitting in my office canteen for the last half an hour taking sip of a nice coffee; I hardly had any wish to go back to work and was waiting for the cab to arrive.

There I saw a girl sitting in the other table near me. She was trying to concentrate on the book in her hand.

‘Hey, can I join you?’ A guy asked her, who just came in.

Suddenly the voice startled her and she looked up, with her eyebrows scrunched together.

She nodded silently; he was standing across the table, holding a plate in his hands. The broad smile on his face seems to have made her even more agitated.

It seemed all she wanted was some alone time, She seemed to muttered curses under her breath and decided to leave the table.

The other guy sat down across her and smiled; which she returned with a forced decent smile and was about to get up when he exclaimed, ’50 Ways to be Happy!!!’ , then laughed out loud.

‘What?’ She frowned.

After checking his laughter, he said, ‘it’s the title of your book…’, and took a big bite of his sandwich.

‘What’s so funny?’ Exclaimed with anger welling up inside her.

‘What’s this book about?’ He asked ignoring her question.

‘It tells you how to be happy…’ She shrugged her shoulders.

‘And you still seem unhappy, grumpy, irritated…’ He replied, with a smirk crossing his lips.

She was stupefied by his remark, still she tried to defend herself but he interrupted.

‘You know what!!…to me right now happiness is this sandwich…yummy…you must try’, he grinned and then was lost in his definition of happiness.

The girl silently got up and disappeared.