The Promise Was Mine and I Have To Keep It.


Don’t know why, but have always believed and felt personally that hospitals are the best place to meditate on oneself. It really helps you know yourself, evaluate onto the past and the present, the gifts and good we have with us.

Once a physician friend narrated an incident. It was a normal day as usual in the hospital and she was attending to the OPD patients. As she was examining a patient who was there as per appointment, a man dashed into the room running towards her. At first she got shocked but seeing the hospital attendants coming in behind the man made her at ease.

Man: {Begging} Doctor please help to examine me now as I have to leave now.

Doctor: We cannot do it. Kindly wait till your appointed time arrives. We have other patients also waiting outside.

Man: Doc I know I came out of turn, but kindly examine me now so that I can leave home. My sick wife is waiting there and I had promised her that I would be back for breakfast.

Doctor: What happened to your wife.

Man: She is suffering from Alzheimer.

Doctor: {Pausing for a moment} … Sorry to know about it. But if she is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, it is most likely that she will remember the promise you made.

Man: {Smiling} The Promise Was Mine and I Have To Keep It.

In today’s ever demanding world where can we find the same. Many times we don’t even keep up with the promises we make to ourselves, let aside the ones we make to others.


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