My Creator’s Life

Once an old friend of mine told me …

At times, when we look at the sad part of our life, all the broken and shattered pieces which lie scattered in our heart and we break down and give up and just want to end our life.

With all those lonely walks and secrets which cannot even be shared with the walls of our rooms. With no hope to get up the next day.

With all the broken trusts we have had because of trusting people.We try to run and hide to a place where no one can see us like a crab which hides inside the seashore holes when the tides come. And we just want to give up and close down.

But when I think back and try to recollect what made me stand up again? What gave me the strength to get up and face the world? What made me realize that my story is not yet over?

Its that person who brought me to this world. A person who saw me in all those broken times. A person who came and sat with me. He even hugged me tightly when there was a storm around me. He never let me stay in those crab holes forever. He brought me out and he stopped those tides.

He did not judge me for all that has happened in my life. He never gave up on me. He did not accuse me of leaving him and walking away in my own path. He held me close. He accepted me the way I am. He loves me for everything I am.

He brought me back to the green pastures and let me lay down near the quiet waters.

That’s why I can’t give up on my life. Because more than mine, this is his life. My creator’s life. More than my sad broken life. This is a life with purpose and that purpose is to live with him.


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