Success Redefined : Innovation & Diversification


I met this person sometime back during my travel back home. Travel always teaches us many things, we just have to keep our eyes and ears open to embrace it. It was a tiring day at office and the excitement of going back home was pumping the energy. I was given a seat next to a simple looking aged person and at first instance thought it would be a boring journey but eventually became one of the most memorable one. After a few casual chat I got to know he was a senior guy in a MNC and was managing the ASPAC region operations. It was really cool to be sitting next to him and every word which came out of his mouth was awesomely simple but was dynamic in itself. But one thing which touched me over all was his reply to my questions, what’s your mantra to be a successful?.

At first he smiled and then after a few moments  said, to be successful in any field you need to love what you do and follow three basic principles which everyone knows and will tell you. Hard work, Knowledge & Patience is the basic ones without which nobody ain’t going anywhere. But in today’s world just the basic is not enough. You need to add the “tadka” (tempering) to it and that is what I would like to share with you. It’s my personal favorite and it did help me.

“Innovation & Diversification”

That’s it he didn’t say anything else. Just a smile to finish the things off the same way he started it. I kept it to myself the night but the next day discussed the same with my friend. We brainstormed on it and realized yes …

This though is not something new. This is what Steve Jobs did when he was in Apple … Mac … NeXT … Apple.

If you are the one who is hardworking and constantly gaining on your knowledge database and waiting patiently for success to catch hold of her, but she ain’t coming anywhere near. Then this was for you buddy. Innovate & Diversify !!!

Hope it helps…Cheers.