Happy Birthday !!!

This is about an incident which happened on the 17th day of March, 2015. It so happened that it was Amir’s birthday. Many among us didn’t knew the importance of the day till Facebook started sending the birthday notification in the morning. Suddenly there was a sense of urgency to find Amir in the house. Someone suddenly shouted Amir is not in house and is out. Immediately everyone started to ping in WhatsApp group birthday wishes. After few minutes of silence in the group we got the reply from birthday boy Amir “thanks buddies“.

Richard sensing an opportunity pinged back “Today treat in thalappakatti hotel”. After few minutes of silence to everyone’s surprise Amir pinged “Ys”. Now you might be thinking why we all were surprised … ya i knew it, so here’s a brief description of Amir for all who are surprised to see us surprised.

Amir is a cliché miser. A person who hoards money for his own sake, even at the expense of personal comfort. So to here from him yes on giving the treat was in it a miracle. Everyone was surprised and asked Richard to double check if he really is ready for the treat, which he eventually confirmed by saying “8 pm”.

Now everyone left for their own activities. Some went for shopping, few other left for movie. Those in house were to undertake the task of cleaning the house. We all had decided to meet at the place @ 8 pm in the evening.

Sharp 8 pm all were there present at the entrance of the restaurant. As on any other normal get-together, those who reached first started acknowledging their arrival in the WhatsApp group. Now the time came when all came except our birthday boy. Roshan one among us who is popularly called as EP, pinged in the group. “Amir wr r u, v all hv reached”. Within a minutes time reply comes “Am on d way… u get in … wl reach in 5”.

Seeing the reply we all entered the restaurant and found us a place to sit. It was one of those beautiful evenings in Chennai where the wind was cold, humidity was a minimal and the sun is setting peacefully as the sky hangs over the sea. You may call it a perfect romantic evening. As usual we started to scan the presence of beautiful ladies in the restaurant. The usual boys only comments followed and we didn’t realize its 15 mins now from the time we entered the restaurant, until the waiter came to ask us if we had decided on our orders.

Seeing all our eyes looking at him, EP knew what he had to do. He pings again “Amir wr r u???” Amir who is the most ONLINE of all our friends in the house replied “Jst reached…u place d order”. We did the same. Now if it is a treat we all know to order the best as we are not to pay the bill J. Waiter left the table after taking our orders and we were back to our business of discussion on the movie which few of us saw in the afternoon. Again the discussion went on and we did not knew how time flew. Approx. 20 minutes after the waiter brought the starters with a beautiful smile, which they do every time when they are late in serving the meals.

This time EP knew what he had to do even before we looked at him. He pinged “Amir food came”. Amir this time as usual replied instantly “U start”. But before even reading his reply we all had started. The food was superfantabulous! We loved the food and didn’t knew how we eat through the starters, main course and dessert. Suddenly as desserts were on we realized Amir is still not here.

This time for a change Adi pinged Amir “We are almost done here”. We got the reply “U ppl continue …. I had snacks at frnds place… no food today”. So we all finished our food and waited for Amir at the reception for the bill to be paid.

EP pinged Amir “wn will u come … we r done”. There comes the reply instantly “pay the bill”. We thought to pay the bill and get from Amir once he comes. We waited at the reception for Amir to come after the bill was settled. After about 10 mins Shyam pinged Amir “Where hv u reached”. This time the reply was a bit late and bitter “Bill paid na … wht r u ppl waiting for… leave. I am at friends place wil come tomorrow

That day I understood the quote by Benjamin Franklin “Tell a miser he’s rich, and a woman she’s old, you’ll get no money of one, nor kindness of t’other”. So true indeed.


Enjoy Life’s Simple Pleasures

It was another tiring day in office. I was walking towards the main road to catch a cab to home. After waiting for 5 minutes saw an empty cab coming and I waved my hand asking the cab to stop. Suddenly from nowhere a girl came in a bicycle and gave me a hi-fi on my raised hand and went back smiling at me. At first I was surprised with anger but later it brought a mania. I just forgot all the office stress and was delighted.

My heart didn’t allow me to leave her and I asked the cab driver to follow her. I wanted to say thank you to her for bringing a smile to my face by such a spontaneous gesture. We followed the girl and saw her getting into a McDonald’s joint. I asked the driver to wait for a minute. After about 5 minutes she came back with some take away. Suddenly she stopped at the entrance of the joint and looked at the old security guy standing there. Immediately she took a soft drink bottle she had in her bag and gave it to him and said thank you smilingly. Now I saw the same feelings on his face as I had when she gave me a hi-fi earlier. This must be the first time anyone would have said thank you in this way to the security guy.

This increased my curiosity and I asked the cab driver to continue to follow the girl. This time the driver looked at me suspiciously. But I was in a different world and didn’t mind it. We followed the girl again and she kept going through some inroads. At one point of time we missed her. I was very upset and asked the driver to take me home disappointed.

But on the way back I realized how that girl with such simple gestures made a change in the lives of people around her. It really shook me how simple crazy things can spread happiness in the lives of people and change the world around us.

Just remembered a quote by Mother Teresa “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” So true indeed.